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How to choose the floor heating pipe?

How to choose the floor heating pipe?

 Today, let's talk about how to choose the floor heating pipe?

In the morning, I went to measure the room. It happened that the owner was also asking me this question. Let's talk about it together.

Now there are many floor heating pipes on the market. If you choose floor heating pipes with materials, unless you are really knowledgeable, you will be completely confused in the end. Now the mainstream floor heating pipe material on the market is pert. You can use this material to select the floor heating pipe.

There are many types of pipes in the same material. Just choose one suitable for your home.

For example, our owner, the original developer of his house, is equipped with radiators. For this kind of house, if you choose the floor heating pipe, you should choose the high-temperature resistant one, because the water inlet temperature of the community supporting the radiator is relatively high. If you choose the low-temperature pipe, it will have a great impact on the service life of the floor heating.

If the original house is equipped with floor heating, when choosing the floor heating pipe, there is no requirement for temperature.

It is also very simple to identify the water resistant temperature of the pipe. Generally, the maximum temperature borne by the pipe will be marked on the pipe wall of the floor heating pipe.

Besides floor heating, we also discuss the feasibility of cooling with mixed water system.

In theory, after adding the water mixing system, there is no need to consider the problem of high and low temperature resistance of the floor heating pipe.

However, to calculate an economic account, it costs thousands of yuan to add a mixed water system, and the floor heating pipe chooses low-temperature and high-temperature resistant. The difference in price between them is more economical than adding a mixed water system. It is more cost-effective to choose a high-temperature resistant floor heating pipe.

Finally, which is safer to choose floor heating or radiator?

As long as they want to be floor heating owners, the vast majority will ask this question. First, they are really worried, and second, they want to be comforted.

Compared with these two heating methods, I think it is safer to do floor heating.

Floor heating is to control the flow through the water separator to achieve the temperature balance in each room.

The floor heating pipe corresponding to each water distributor is the whole pipe, that is, both heads of the floor heating pipe are above the ground, and the parts below the ground are the whole pipe.

There are two possibilities to make the floor heating pipe leak. The first is that the floor heating pipe burst, and the second is that the floor heating pipe was artificially pierced.

The possibility of the first kind is very small, which can be equated with the probability of winning the first prize in the lottery. The second possibility is closely related to the construction of workers.

Take another look at the radiator. The heating pipe usually goes along the root of the wall. There are many corners according to the shape of the house, which need to be completed by welding elbows. There are at least dozens of elbows buried underground after a set of heating.

It is better to connect the whole root or it is safer to connect it through some connectors. We must have an answer in our hearts.

In terms of heating comfort, floor heating is better than radiators. Owners who like floor heating can make a bold choice. There is no perfect product.

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