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What is PPR ? What are the characteristics of PPR

What is PPR ? What are the characteristics of PPR

 In recent years, with the increasing market demand of construction, urban engineering, water conservancy engineering, agriculture and industry, PPR pipe industry in China shows a trend of rapid development. Compared with the traditional cast iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe and cement pipe, PPR pipe has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and is widely used in the construction industry and local governments. Many businesses want to know what PPR tube is and what its characteristics are before buying PPR tube. Next, FADO will take a closer look at PPR tube and its characteristics~

What is PPR tube? PPR pipe has the advantages of energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall without scaling, simple structure maintenance and long service life. It is widely used in water supply and drainage buildings. I will Urban and rural water supply and drainage, power cable coating, industrial fluid transmission, agricultural irrigation and other construction, municipal, industrial and agricultural departments. PPR pipe is extruded from random copolymer polypropylene and then injected into pipe fittings.

So what are the characteristics of PPR tube? PPR pipe not only has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, no scaling and long service life of general plastic pipe, but also has the following main characteristics.

1. PPR tube is characterized by non toxicity and sanitation. The raw material molecules of PPR pipe are only carbon and hydrogen elements, and do not contain harmful or toxic elements. It is hygienic and reliable. It is not only used in cold and hot water pipelines, but also used in pure drinking water systems. I am.

2. PPR pipe is characterized by heat preservation and energy saving. The thermal conductivity of PP pipe is 0.21w/mk, which is 1 / 200 of that of steel pipe.

3. PPR tube has excellent heat resistance. The Vicat softening point of PPR pipe is 131.5 ℃, and the working temperature can reach 95 ℃, which can meet the requirements of hot water supply system of building hot water supply and drainage line.

4. PPR tube has long service life. Under the working temperature of 70 ℃ and working pressure (PN) of 1.0MPa, the service life of PPR pipe can reach more than 50 years (but the pipe must be s3.2 and s2.5 series or above. HMM). It can be used for more than 100 years at room temperature (20 ° C).

5. PPR pipe is easy to install and reliably connected. PPR pipe has good weldability. Pipes and fittings can be connected by hot melting and electrofusion. Convenient installation and reliable joint. The strength of the connection is greater than that of the pipe itself. It's also big.

6. Materials with PPR tube characteristics can be recycled. PP pipe waste is cleaned, destroyed and reused in the manufacture of pipes and fittings. The amount of recycled material is less than 10% of the total, which does not affect the product quality.

Due to these characteristics of PPR pipes, PPR pipes are used in building cold and hot water systems, including central heating system, floor, wallboard and other building heating systems, radiant heating system, purified drinking water supply, etc. It is more and more widely used. System; Central (central) air conditioning system; Industrial piping systems for transporting or discharging chemical media; Pipeline systems such as gas pipelines for cylinder transmission are one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry. It became.

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