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What is the difference between floor heating pipe

What is the difference between floor heating pipe

 From the perspective of development, the floor heating pipe is indeed from non oxygen blocking pipe to oxygen blocking pipe, which is a technical update for longer floor heating life and reducing maintenance difficulty, and meets the needs of the market. Their differences are as follows:

1. The protection function of the floor heating system is different

Oxygen barrier pipe refers to the floor heating pipe with oxygen barrier layer. It is hoped that the oxygen barrier layer can be used to isolate the air and penetrate into the heating system through the plastic pipe wall. When the air enters the heating system, it will not only accelerate the corrosion of the inner wall of metal parts, but also accelerate the deterioration of heating water. Microorganisms breed more rapidly, resulting in the paralysis of the whole heating system.

Therefore, the floor heating pipe with oxygen barrier layer can better protect the floor heating system.

2. The production process is different

The original floor heating pipe is a very common special pipe for floor heating. It is very excellent in high temperature resistance and thermoplastic, but it has no oxygen barrier layer, so the process will be simpler than the oxygen barrier pipe. The oxygen barrier pipe adds a special oxygen barrier layer material on the surface or in the middle of the floor heating pipe, so this is their essential difference.

3. The price is different

Because the oxygen barrier tube has a good protective effect and the production process is relatively advanced, in the market price, the oxygen barrier tube will be more expensive than the non oxygen barrier tube, about 2-5 yuan per meter.

The above is the main difference between oxygen blocking pipe and non oxygen blocking pipe. Its existence is a manifestation of technological renewal. The floor heating pipe is mainly made of PERT and PEX. The manufacturer adds EVOH barrier coating to such material.

The remarkable feature of its EVOH coating is that it has excellent gas barrier and excellent processability. It can prevent oxygen molecules from passing through the plastic pipe layer and oxygen from penetrating into the water of the heating system. In addition, it has excellent transparency, gloss, scalability, wear resistance, cold resistance and surface strength.

At present, EVOH coating is directly attached to the surface of the pipe in the early oxygen barrier pipe in the past. Due to the support protection of the coating, the original dark color becomes more gorgeous and increases the service life of the heating pipe.

However, during construction, workers drag the floor heating pipe, so the coating on the surface of the floor heating pipe is easy to be scratched, which is easy to bring the possibility of oxygen penetration.


Therefore, the manufacturer upgraded the technology and made the oxygen barrier coating EVOH in the middle of the pipe wall. Such a pipe does not need to worry about the scratch on the pipe surface. It is called "five layer oxygen barrier pipe", which is the most safe at present.

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