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FADO brand  originate from Italy, is located in the northern city of Italy, Brescia, a leading European HVAC pipe manufacturer and a famous European HVAC integrated service provider.
FADO is one of the largest enterprises in Italy to produce floor heating pipes. The products include PE-RT PE-X floor heating pipe, slippery pipe fittings, aluminum plastic composite pipe, PPR pipe and fittings, and so on. It is committed to home comfort system integration and green building and environmental technology research and development, from R & D to manufacturing, from product to integration, and then to become a whole The technical solution maker of the ball specialty.
The FADO pipe system is made from 5 layers of extrusion process. It is suitable for cold, hot drinking water, heating, HVAC and air conditioning systems. The double layer of cross linked polyethylene (PEX-B) is distributed in the most inner and outer layers. The solid adhesive layer and oxygen resistance layer make the FADO pipes with all the excellent properties of plastic pipes and metal pipes. Resistance to impact, corrosion resistance, anti aging, and intermediate aluminum layer can greatly increase the life of the pipeline, increase safety, the most important thing is that the oxygen can be completely blocked by the entry, as a result of oxygen resistance. Aluminum alloy, than any other aluminum alloy is more solid, aluminum layer using laser butt welding process to ensure that the thickness of aluminum layer uniform, stable quality.
Italy Heng XinDa HVAC Co., Ltd. is the only representative organization in the FADO China District of Italy. It is mainly responsible for the sales and service of Italy FADO in China, and brings comfortable HVAC experience for Chinese customers. FADO is a pipeline system imported from Italy. The main varieties are advanced double layer PE-XB aluminum plastic composite pipe, PE-RT tube, PE-XB pipe, oxygen resistance pipe and other HVAC products.
Italy Heng XinDa HVAC FADO pipeline system, for the major regions of China's Recruitment agents: join the telephone number 18721612263
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